To facilitate processes of transformation so that people, teams, and organizations may visualize new possibilities, fulfill commitments, and coordinate actions to achieve their goals and have great results


We can accompany you in discovering and implementing the best solutions for you, for your team, and/or your organization.

For you

The way in which we look at ourselves, and how we see the world influences what we get in life. We perceive ourselves like a “story.”

We help people clarify:

What would I like to achieve?

How can I get what I want?

Like Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” We propose that it’s possible to change who we believe we are, and who we can become.

“If we change how we see the world, the world we see changes.”

For your Team

Teams are living systems, capable of generating new dynamics. Our input consists in facilitating:

Conversations necessary to clarify and align purpose and objectives.

Understanding, respect, and appreciation of individual diversity, in order to gain confidence and efficiency.

The implementation of necessary action plans.

A renewed vision, energy, and commitment.

“Where there is a successful business, someone once took a brave decision.”

For your Organization

We help organizations achieve their business goals in a more efficient and sustainable manner. We support organizations so that:

They learn and transform themselves.

Their organizational, departmental, and individual visions are aligned.

With relevant communication and collaboration, they maximize the collective intelligence of all those involved.

They attract talent.

“To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.”

Winston S. Churchill


These are some concrete and vivid experiences with our clients.

Competencies in Action!

Our experience on a project to translate a dictionary of competencies into observable behaviors for the organization’s professionals, thereby transforming the organization’s culture.

  • Transform the organization’s culture
  • Introduce new competencies in line with the new culture
  • That people interpret these competencies as concrete, daily, and relevant behaviors for them.
  • That people incorporate these behaviors in their work habits.


Work with volunteers:

  • Who contributed information about the organization’s state
  • Generated questions and materials relevant for their associates
  • Mobilized the participation of their associates before and after workshops

Classroom workshops for each of the dictionary’s 9 competencies:

  • Directed to the entire organization on voluntary participation
  • Where the participants identified in a collaborative manner daily behaviors aligned or not with these competencies
  • They experimented with, practiced, and lived these behaviors related to real work processes.
  • They defined initiatives and/or action plans to transfer these behavior to the day to day.


  • Augmented familiarity with competencies, and put in use the related behaviors.
  • Made self-evident which behaviors were or were not aligned with the competencies.
  • Concrete skills were practiced and developed, and useful for coordination with other professionals, management of people, of clients…
  • Augmented the interactions between areas and people who had previously barely related to one another, so that they knew each other with greater depth.
  • Team spirit was generated, and people could connect with the organization’s mission.exp1_impactos
  • The participation of the General Director and the directive team mobilized assistance (and catering, too J).
  • Working with examples and “real” activities, of their own work processes, contributed more relevance and applicability.
  • Putting the focus on small individual changes maximized each person’s responsibility and the beginning of change.
  • Dedicating part of the workshops to action plans increased their impact outside of their own limits.
  • That defining action plans in pairs increased their efficacy.


Fine-tuning the Management Commitee

Support of the Management Commitee as a key agent to mobilize their cultural transformation. This process was complemented by working with other teams and levels of the organization.

  • Augment their team efficiency during meetings
  • Increase alignment in their perspective
  • Increase their team cohesion
  • Promote feedback within and outside of meetings



A – Initial Monographic Session during which we developed:

  • Team objectives and roles in the process of transforming the organization’s culture
  • Rules of functioning during meetings.
  • Training and practice of

B – Team Coaching during work meetings:

  • Initial Space where the team’s scope was identified
  • Specific Interventions during meetings to help the team become aware of a concrete aspect.
  • Final space where conversations were facilitated discussing how the team had worked, feedbacks, commitments… (We were present during alternate meetings).

C – Agenda Preparation: The team defined a role (rotational) to consolidate the agenda. We advised the person who played the role every week so that:

  • Informative and decisive themes could be discriminated
  • Themes for decisions would include the necessary information, or the previous work, to facilitate the discussion
  • Time estimation could be as realistic as possible.

D – Monographic Sessions about the team’s functioning and alignment of business topic, where:

  • Long-term or great-impact business teams were developed
  • Different aspects of the team’s performance were developed from models, from the members’ diagnosis…
  • Tools (eg: delegated roles) were incorporated
  • Skills were practiced (eg: feedback, action coordination…)
  • Reduced meeting times by more than half
  • Improved the quality and level of participation in conversations, focused on topics of greater strategy and relevance for all members.
  • Improved feedback and dynamics between members, which they expressed and arrived at agreements to manage conflicts.
  • Augmented the alignment of behaviors and messages in front of the rest of the organization
  • Increased team consciousness – their shared vision for exploiting their strengths, and correcting their habits.


  • The leader’s real and visible commitment, his role as implementer of new behaviors.
  • Working on the agenda, before meetings, to filter the subject matter, its relevance, its duracion…
  • Additional sessions to match vision about business, working skills, sharing feedback, address conflict…
  • Continued practice, during more than half a year, facilitated the development of the most efficient skills.



We thank our clients for the opportunity to grow together on the projects we share

“Through their dynamics to work on the corporate culture and competencies of the Microfinance Foundation BBVA, they have given us great value not only when bringing the team of professionals together, but also when fostering the space for innovation and creation of new collaborations and projects. Their contributions and help have fostered learning as a team, cooperation between areas, and has improved communication and the atmosphere of the workplace. Furthermore, they have given us practical tools to work each one of the competencies every day, on an individual level, in pairs, in groups… Thanks to them, we’ve reached our objective to live our competencies, make them ours, and feel that we all share the same DNA. Thank you!!!”

Human Resources Team


“Inspiralent has been of great help in the cultural transformation of our business, working jointly on the achievement of high performance teams, fluidity in communication, and group ascension of objectives and individual responsibilities. They bring rigor, participation, and fun with their methods, fleeing from established processes, betting more on human behavior than on the process itself. As coaches, they ask more questions than give answers, and unsettle the organization to attain measurable goals that allow us to move forward.”

Ricardo Brage – General Manager

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“I’ve made great progress, largely thanks to this coaching process. It has helped me become more aware of my reactions, my ability to control them and how my relationships with people are an essential element to achieve my goals. I have improved my relationships with my superiors and my colleagues, I have met my objetive of giving and asking for feedback and I can see the improvement in the performance of my team … “

Lucía Escapa –

Chief Information Technologies & Services Officer 

“Incredible adaptation and involvement in their collaborations, bringing different techniques that facilitate the participation of those who assist, and produce very satisfactory results.”

Jose Manuel Ramos – Program Director

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With our clients, we establish an honest and continuous dialogue to thoroughly understand their needs, and together build and travel the road to the goal. These are some of the methodologies that we use…

Design ThinkingTo facilitate innovation in organizations, from products and services as much as processes and business models. We implement collaborative techniques and design tools to develop efficient solutions and improve decision making, integrating the needs of people (clients and the rest of stakeholders), the possibilities of technologies, and requirements for the business’s success. We perform an iterative and incremental process, similar to the focus of Lean Startup (build – measure – learn), and a process before for the generation of business ideas (define – investigate – invent).

We enliven group dialogue, through spaces to explore new possibilities and co-create innovating solutions to challenges, through a greater and deeper group conscience. The methodologies used allow that all participants are involved and approve of the project, that the collective intelligence can emerge as well as creativity and collaboration, that reflection of the purpose be deepened, and that goal-oriented actions be generated in the end.
To generate a space of trust where it’s possible to look at what is happening to us in a new light, and convert this new vision into reality through action. A safe space free of judgment, sound to dare to question what has not worked yet, and to find our own answers from another level of consciousness.
To support the performance and development of teams, helping to sustain trust and commitment of the members to achieve results in a more efficient manner. From a systemic point of view, without personalizing individual actions, questioning beliefs or unproductive behaviors of the team, encouraging self-awareness and self-regulation, facilitating that conversations and the rules of the game are established to reach goals.

skill training

To explore and consolidate new forms of leadership, teamwork, motivation, communication, emotional intelligence, conflict management, stress management, negotiation techniques… from a participatory and live methodology. Facilitate the development of talent, the detection and change of beliefs and attitudes, and the consolidation of applicable habits of the organization and people.

MBTI, DISC and FIRO B are tools for personal and team development, which help us understand ourselves better (determine our innate and learnt preferences / analyze our observable behaviors), and provide a map and lines of actions to be “our better selves.” They facilitate also the understanding of others, establishing bridges for communication, action coordination, and the appreciation of individual differences to obtain more global, efficacious, and sustainable results.
To value the capacities and competencies of professionals, to identify, develop, and position the talent within the organization in an optimal manner. To qualify in a systematic approach (multi-test, multi-observer process), thorough and precise, the means and potential of professionals’ contributions to face the present and future challenges.
The term “Organizations 2.0” refers to an organizational culture, where dynamics and processes facilitate openness and transparency, communication and fluid collaboration between areas and people, access to talent and organizational learning. The technologies 2.0 (internal and external) are tools more at the culture’s service. We are experts in facilitating the transition towards this culture.
To collecte concrete, accurate, objective and confidential feedback on key behaviours. To provide indications on development orientation options thanks to a consolidated and valuable feedback that help leaders to identify key development areas, get an overview of the strengths and development needs and create individual development plans.

Our Team

We are a team of professionals who are passionate about our work and serve from our values

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it.”

Steve Jobs

Enrique Lorenzo
Enrique Lorenzo
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Barbara Loyer
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